Dr. Pamela Simms
Licensed Psychologist 

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Female Adolescent Issues


Adolescence is a time of transition into autonomy and independence. In addition to the challenges this transition demands, adolescent females in our society encounter a significant amount of stress in their daily lives that can be overwhelming. With high expectations that may be self-imposed, parent-imposed and/or society-imposed, the ability to balance academic achievement, friendship success and extracurricular activities, while still obtaining the recommended amount of sleep and exercise, can seem like an enormous undertaking for the female adolescent. The importance of balance to reduce stress is mandatory, but often difficult to obtain.


Dr. Simms believes there are four pivotal areas in the life of the female adolescent that foster this balance for the adolescent:

  • Healthy connections
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Healthy family dynamics




Dr. Simms uses a collaborative approach with the adolescent that develops a therapeutic relationship based on trust and respect. Following assessment of the pivotal areas, Dr. Simms incorporates interpersonal therapy, problem-solving skills training, collaborative family therapy and behavioral therapy to foster competency in the pivotal areas.

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